SHUBH has become a household name of gold jewelry in South India. The retail arm of Rajesh Exports, the world’s largest gold processing company, has made a name for itself in the market over the years. However, the question remains: Why do people prefer SHUBH jewelry over any other product in the market? After careful observation and critical product analysis, here are three reasons that combine to form the much awaited answer:

Superior Products

Every SHUBH product, be it earrings or necklace or any type of jewelry, ensures pure 22 Carat gold with BIS Hallmark. With three manufacturing units of Rajesh Exports, each jewelry piece is exquisitely crafted by experienced craftsman. While this ensures unique designs for every woman, advanced technology like laser soldering ensures top-notch manufacturing quality.

Transparent Pricing

Not every jewelry in the market offers price bifurcations on their products. On the other hand, SHUBH states that the price of its jewelry can be calculated by multiplying the real rate of one gram gold with the physical weight of the product.

In addition, unlike many jewelers in the market, SHUBH doesn’t apply any wastage charges, making charges, or eye wash discounts in the final price. This comes after an integrated chain of Rajesh Exports across every vertical of gold. Due to this, the customer also enjoys a 10-20 per cent price drop on their favorite SHUBH jewelry in comparison to other jewelers.

Honest Service

Known for its customer service in South India, SHUBH offers lifetime buy back guarantee to every customer and thereby, promises a return of investment. The fact that SHUBH has more than 80 stores in Karnataka speaks volumes about the mentality and approach of the jeweler towards its target audience. Instead of fancy showrooms, SHUBH has focused on improving the accessibility of high quality jewelry and concentrated on the number of stores.
With the combination of these three features, virtues if you will, SHUBH takes pride in representing its product as its strength and continues to maintain its stature in the gold jewelry market of South India.


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