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South India is the land of magnificent temple architecture, yenna rascalla, and authentic dosa. But, what is the one thing missing in this list? Jewelry. The women of south are the flag bearers of India’s eternal love for gold. From celebrations to prosperity, gold is imbibed deep into their traditions and they look exquisite donning those heavy jewelry sets. However, very few people are aware of the logical part veiled under ‘tradition’.


The importance, and arguably the origin, of South Indian jewelry can be traced back to the celebrations of festivals and auspicious aura of weddings. Jewelry was introduced to enhance the representation of a woman’s beauty. Along with this, classical dancers, temple gods, kids, and men also wear different forms of gold as per traditions and culture. The finest temple jewelry is known to consist of uncut valuable stones like pearls, ruby, kundan, kemp stones, etc.

In addition, jewelry holds great significance for married women according to Hindu traditions. Better known Solah Shringar, the tradition represents 16 adornments that a bride has to don at the time of her wedding. It nearly covers an ornament for every part of a woman’s body with each of them holding great significance.

Types and concept behind jewelry

Indian Jewelry mainly includes necklaces, waistbands, bangles, earrings, toe ring, etc. To the surprise of many people, every jewelry piece has a motive behind it. For instance, green color in South India represents prosperity. So, as a pre-marriage ritual, the bride’s mother gifts green bangles to her daughter wishing for her well-being.

Similarly, Mettelu or Kalungura (toe ring) is worn by South Indian women, especially the married ones. It is believed that a heavy ring in the center toe of both feet improves the odds of conceiving for the  woman.

SHUBH and South Indian Jewelry

Realizing and considering the stature of jewelry in South India, SHUBH ensures that every piece designed is a work of art. Right from its conceptualization to craftsmanship and finishing, SHUBH delivers the best quality jewelry with unique designs. The variety of necklace at the stores reflect the painstaking approach of master craftsmen. The jewelry is designed with a touch of spirituality, royalty, and Solha Shringar.

With more than 80 stores in Karnataka, SHUBH continues to be the market giant of South Indian jewelry. Since its inception in 2012, SHUBH has been known for the perfect balance between emotion and class in their jewelry.

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