Founded by Rajesh Mehta in 1989, Rajesh Exports is the world’s largest gold processing company. Traversing a journey filled with new challenges at every turn, Rajesh Mehta along with Managing Director Prashant Mehta has scaled the business to new heights with their visionary thinking and hard work.

Every such company that makes it big in the long run maintains its core values that are often termed as its ‘secret to success’. Here are the three pillars of values of Rajesh Exports’ retail arm, SHUBH Jewellers:


Unique designs are the identification of a company in the market and to stand out, one has to maintain exclusivity in every piece of jewelry that they make. Following that, SHUBH offers exquisite jewelry designs of earrings, bangles, waist belts, necklace, kadas, and much more.

SHUBH maintains their essence of being unique with the help of Rajesh Exports’- owned three manufacturing plants in Dubai, Cochin, and Bangalore that houses some of the finest designers in the industry.


Offering Real Rate Per Gram on every crafted jewelry, SHUBH believes that the customer should only pay for the value of gold used in the piece. Thus, the jewelers hold a name in the market for applying zero making charges and zero wastage charges in the final price.

This comes after the acquisition of Valcambi, one of the world’s largest metal refining companies in 2015. With the Switzerland-based giant, Rajesh Exports successfully established a value chain across every gold vertical and has continued to provide the best market quality gold jewelry ever since.


State-of-the-art technology combined with skilled craftsmanship promises the perfect blend of design, beauty, and pure gold to the SHUBH customers. The USP of SHUBH’s jewelry is the underlying aesthetic essence associated with each manufactured piece that radiates the spirit of true South Indian jewelry.

The amalgamation of these values plays a fundamental role in defining SHUBH Jewellers as your preferred jewelry brand while ensuring that you own your vision of design from the retail arm of Rajesh Exports.

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