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SHUBH Jewellers is the retail arm of Rajesh Exports, world’s largest gold refiner. With more than 80 stores in Karnataka, SHUBH has marked its presence in the market of aesthetic gold jewelry. But, the question is why do people prefer buying gold from SHUBH? Here are the factors that corroborate SHUBH’s best market price on any piece of jewelry:-


24 Carat gold represent a melted form of the noble metal. To provide rigidity and shape to a jewelry piece, alloys are added in a certain amount. As a result, the best jewelry available in the market is termed as 22 Carat. In the process of manufacturing jewelry, 15 to 22 per cent wastage is an average phenomenon. Jewelers charge the money for this wastage under ‘wastage charges’. However, SHUBH doesn’t apply wastage charges in the final cost due to Rajesh Export’s multiple manufacturing facilities.

Gold weight

On a 22 Carat jewelry piece, a customer purchasing jewelry from SHUBH gets 30 gram gold on a jewelry piece while other market jewelers offer approximately 34 to 36 grams. Consequently, a SHUBH customer has to pay less in spite of higher gold purity.

Real Rate per gram

In layman terms, this means you only pay for the weight of gold in the jewelry. This comes after the value chain across gold verticals of its parent company, Rajesh Exports. The company has its own manufacturing, processing, and design facilities and dos not outsource any process. As a result, its retail arm, SHUBH, is able to offer best market rates on any sub category of jewelry.

Making charges

Ever wondered why a fancy looking necklace is priced higher? Apart from the unique craftsmanship and pearls embedded in it, jewelers add the cost of making charges in the final bill. This is where SHUBH is preferred by the customers as your favorite design will not cost you extra money due to the cross-vertical presence of Rajesh Exports.

Here’s what you need to know before you buy gold jewellery. After going through this table you will realise as to how much more you have been paying on your Gold Jewellery purchases.

The following table shows you, detailed calculations of how much you would pay for buying a guaranteed 22ct exclusively crafted plain gold necklace set.

From the above table, It is seen that despite various claims like “lowest gold prices, no making charges, attractive schemes, discounts, grand showrooms, captivating sales talk etc., jewellers are charging significantly more when compared to Shubh Jewellers.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest SHUBH store today and buy your favorite jewelry.

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