India and jewellery have a very deep-rooted relationship. The history of jewellery-making in India dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Over the course of time, the country has influenced the world immensely in the field of jewellery designing and crafting. Particularly, in Southern India the obsession with ornaments of the highest standard is more prevalent.Shubh Jewellers, one of the leading jewellery brands in India, is inspired by the art of traditional jewellery-making in the country. We know about the strength of coalition between the people of this country and gold very ideally. Based in Bangalore, we take immense pride in showcasing cultural values of Indian citizens through our jewelleries. With extreme pleasure, we have been serving our customers with jewellery that reflects traditional designs and craftsmanship of the first order.

Gold exhibits the feeling of Indian-ness. The yellow metal has been embraced by the people of India with both arms since time immemorial. From the economically weaker section of the Indian society to the most effluents of the country, everybody possesses jewelleries of some kinds or the other. In festivals throughout the year, the most popular gifts are gold ornaments. In marriages and other family events, gifting a jewel is a custom that people follow with great fascination. More than a customary tradition, the importance of these precious metals are associated with values and ethics of people.

With more than 80 outlets in Karnataka, our brand Shubh Jewellers has been engaged in presenting the finest form of Kannadiga and South Indian art on various designs of jewelleries. Designs of Goddess Lakshmi on necklaces are liked by a majority of people who visit our stores. Rudrakshas are very popular among men. The prayer beads of rudrakshas with the brand name of Shubh Jewellers are crafted intricately, keeping in mind their importance in the traditional values of Indian society.

People also love jewellery pieces adorned with various temple designs on them. Pendants of ‘OM’ sign are popular in India. We have been serving the jewel-making industry of the country since 2012, and have made sure to intact with the core values of people and their choices. Our hallmarked tikas, necklaces, bangles, etc. have always been in the wish list of jewellery lovers.

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