The Southern part of India has great regard for gold. In India, gold jewellery is not seen merely as a piece of beautifully crafted metal, rather it holds auspicious significance. It is a symbol of memories when gifted to loved ones and a great investment in the long term.

South India is best known for its vibrant art and culture. The jewellery reflects its years’ old tradition and values royalty above everything else. It has a mystical quality about it and is closely associated with Gods. Different kinds of jewellery in South India signify the societal status, marital status and the financial status of people.

Shubh Jewellers, a retail arm of Rajesh Exports, India’s leading gold processing company, has been setting benchmarks in handcrafting best quality gold jewellery since years. Originally taken up from the motifs present in South Indian temples, our unique jewellery designs use different kinds of craftsmanship to create precious pieces that reflect the rich tradition and culture of the “Golden land of India”. Most of our jewellery derives concepts from floral patterns (such as lotus, stars or swans) and from idol images of gods (goddess Lakshmi, goddess Saraswathi etc).

It is said that adorning jewellery is considered as a protection from evil forces in Indian tradition. The navratanas (nine gems) used in antique designs are sacred to specific planets. They are worn in a specific order for the same reason.

Shubh Jewellers creates unique pieces of jewellery, each of which is symbolic of rich Indian tradition in one way or other. For instance: the braid ornament that they make is related to snakes, a heavy necklace made by them is worn to enhance the beauty of a bride on her wedding day is symbolic of prosperity, massive earrings symbolize that the woman wearing them is unmarried and every other piece of the jewellery has a meaning associated with South Indian tradition.

The only “mine to customer” retail chain in India, Shubh Jewellers puts great emphasis on making quality products while maintaining transparency in their services. We do not believe in taking any making charges from customers. Entire range of aesthetic jewellery is sold on “Real Rate per gram”.

With more than 80 stores in Karnataka, Shubh Jewellers uses only hallmarked gold products and values customer satisfaction above everything.

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