Gold jewelry holds great significance in India, especially in the Southern culture. It is not only auspicious, but also a great way to invest both money and memories.

Jewelry in South India is known for magnificent designs and intricate craftsmanship. Whether it is for ornamentation on weddings and festivals, or for making a memorable gift for loved ones – people prefer buying pure gold products.

Over the years, leading gold retailer Shubh Jewellers has ensured ample supply of gold in South India with more than 80 retail outlets in the state of Karnataka. Be it Bunt wedding, Coorgi wedding or a Kannadiga wedding, Shubh has magnificent jewelry collection that values South Indian culture.

Since its inception in 2012, Shubh Jewellers has been creating new standards for gold jewellery. A retail arm of Rajesh Exports, world’s largest gold processing company, Shubh has successfully carved a niche for itself, and  become a leading gold jewelry retailer in the region.

Shubh Jewellers offers traditional jewelry products to the people in South India, and has become a household name for gold jewelry in the region. Propagating the South Indian culture with authentic South Indian jewelry, Shubh has always worked towards enhancing the accessibility of high quality jewelry by increasing the number of outlets, instead of splurging on the grandeur of the showrooms.

Being the only ‘mines to customers’ jewelry retail chain in the world, Shubh Jewellers stands apart from other jewelry retailers by the virtue of transparency in operations and emphasis on quality. Another USP of Shubh remains the fact that it charges the customers ‘Real Rate per gram’.

For the uninitiated, Real Rate per gram means that the customer only pays for the physical weight of the jewelry. There are no making charges. Also, there are no middleman commissions or profits that can save you about 10 to 20 per cent more on the purchase of any product.

The aware consumers of today only use hallmarked gold products, crafted by world class designers, thus ensuring quality and durability. Shubh Jewellers provides this and much more, resulting in happy customers.

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