Gold carries a great significance in Indian culture, especially in the southern region of the country. The precious yellow metal is widely used on special occasions throughout the year.

South Indian jewelry is known for stunning designs and craftsmanship. The customers prefer to buy pure and beautiful gold products, especially for gifting. There is a great relation between gold and festivals in South India. It is also used for ornamentation on wedding and ceremonies.

Over the years, leading gold retailer Shubh Jewellers has ensured ample supply of gold in the region with more than 80 showrooms in the state of Karnataka. All the outlets of Shubh offer pure gold at ‘Real Rate Per Gram’.

On auspicious occasions like ‘Akshaya Tritiya’, people buy a lot of gold and celebrate the festival with great zeal and extravagance. They prefer wedding and important events on Akshaya Tritiya. Similarly for Vishu, the Keralan New Year, gold is used to decorate Vishukanni, an arrangement of gold, flowers, fruits, pulses and many such things.

Apart from this, a lot of gold is used on the wedding. South Indian brides wear gold from head to toe, as it is considered as the most precious metal.

Over the years, SHUBH Jewellers has offered the traditional jewelry products to people of Karnataka, becoming a household name of gold jewelry in the region. Spreading South Indian culture with authentic South Indian jewelry, it has always focused on improving the accessibility of high quality jewelry by increasing the number of outlets, instead of investing in jazzy showrooms.

South India contributes to a whopping 40 per cent to the market share of gold. This is more than the contribution of the East & West combined together. Even after a huge demand of gold, there is no room for negotiation, when it comes to the quality of gold products.

The people only use hallmarked gold products, crafted by world class designers to ensure quality and durability. This is where Shubh has ensured a high level of transparency with scientifically developed jewelry products to cater to the jewelry demand of South Indian people.

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