From the Mysore silk to pure sandalwood, from wooden toys to tourist places, Karnataka has been on the bucket list of nearly every traveler who, has been or, plans to visit South India. Another thing for which Karnataka is famous across the country is its weddings. Donning traditional jewellery in a simple, yet exquisite setup of marriage is a sight to witness. If your fiancée loves Kannada jewellery or wants to get married the Karnataka way, here is a list of 6 most famous jewellery designs:


Delicately crafted with prominent black beads on gold, Kannada Mangalsutra’s reflect its literal meaning, “Auspicious thread”. This is the most preferred jewellery of native and non-native people as it is similar to the Hindu custom of wearing a manglasutra on the wedding day.

Haram Mala

The perfect blend of gold, elegance, and unique craftsmanship. Haram refers to a central attractive piece hinged by long, thick chains on both sides. It is a jewellery style exclusive for the bride.


Remember Alia Bhatt’s wedding outfit from the movie 2 States? The golden band around her waist is called Vadannam. Unlike Haram, this can be worn by people attending a festival functions or special occasions. However, the use of Vadannam by a bride depends on the style and stitch of her outfit.


There are four prominent styles of Kannada bangle jewellery: Pacha Kampina Bale, Guruvina Kada, Kasina Bale, and Kettu Bale. Though bridal attire is often judged by the neckpiece and earrings, it is truly incomplete without a beautiful set of Kada on both hands.


A small, but extremely important part, Jhumkas are the make or break of any outfit. The best part about this jewellery is that Kannada style offers a plethora of choices to select from, including hollow center, ruby studded, pearls and emeralds with gold, long, plain, oval, etc.

Toe ring

This is more of a post-marriage jewel that women absolutely adore. Better known as ‘Hebbat’ in Karnataka, married women wear different colors and styles of toe rings as it follows the significance of Hindu culture and makes them look beautiful.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next visit to Karnataka and convince your best friend to marry in their colors.