There exists a lot of confusion among the buyers, pertaining to the making charges, purity and designs, when it comes to buying jewelry. With jazzy showrooms and smart offers, gold retailers lure customers into buying jewelry from their outlets.

However, behind this myth of paying more to get new designs and purity, there are some unchanged facts about the gold jewelry. Shubh Jewellers, one of the leading gold jewelers in Karnataka, has debunked the myth by operating in an entirely different way. It has built a fine chain of jewelry showrooms in South India, on the back of superior products, transparent pricing and honest services.

According to the experts at Shubh, a customer is not supposed to pay more to get finest designs and BIS Hallmarked jewelry. The jazzy showrooms and attractive offers are only meant to increase the competition.

Amidst all this competition, Shubh Jewellers offers an exclusive range of gold jewelry with ‘Rate Real Per Gram’, which is also its USP. A customer is not charged anything ‘extra’ in the name of latest designs and purity. There are no making charges, no wastage and no hidden charges.

Each piece of jewelry is 22 ct BIS Hallmarked, ensuring wearing pleasure and durability. With no misleading offers and schemes, a customer can save 10-20 per cent on the jewelry products.

A careful observation and critical analysis have proved the difference between facts and myth. Instead of getting hooked into false offers and fancy talks, it is important to know the truth before buying gold jewelry.

Over the years, Shubh has focused on improving the accessibility of high quality jewelry to bridge this gap.  With top-notch manufacturing quality and lifetime buy back guarantee to every customer, Shubh takes pride in promising a good return on investment.

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