From thousands of years, people have been complaining that India is draining gold from around the world. In the eyes of Indians, gold is not just a precious metal or an investment avenue, it is a lot more than that.

Besides gold’s financial and social value, it also represents the process of self-purification. It is said that the person only ‘finds gold’ when he has got his soul free from greed, hate and selfishness. Gold is said to be everlasting, and therefore, associated with eternity. Apart from this, it is also associated with the goddess of prosperity – Lakshmi.

Gold holds similar status in other beliefs such as Sikhism – Gurudwara Harminder Sahib is covered with over 500 kgs of gold, in Christianity the lid of the box containing Ten Commandments was entirely made of gold. In short, gold is the symbol of reverence and devotion to the God.

In addition, we cannot deny the fact that in today’s world it becomes very important to invest for stability and future security. Gold is one of the most valuable assets in which Indians invest. But, with the continuous surge in gold prices, it has become a little difficult for common people to buy it.

Considering this, Shubh Jewellers has inculcated a solution to this problem.

Recently, we introduced our Kamdhenu Saving Scheme so that you can be benefited out of it. Under this scheme the customer is required to pay only for 10 months and the 11th instalment will be paid by Shubh.


Instalment Months Total Saving 11th Instalment by SHUBH
1000 10 10000 1000
2000 10 20000 2000

Grab this opportunity of not only saving your money but also bringing home the most auspicious asset – gold.

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